Street vs Medical Cannabis. What is the difference?

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The use of cannabis has been growing in Australia due to its increased availability, and as a result, many individuals are curious about the difference between street cannabis and medical cannabis. While both forms of cannabis contain the active chemical compounds tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), there can be distinct differences between them. 

Street Cannabis

Street cannabis is often derived from plants grown on illegal farms in less regulated conditions than those used for medical-grade cannabis production. As such, street marijuana may contain higher levels of THC and other compounds that can produce more intense effects than those found in medical-grade products. It is also less likely to have undergone any type of testing or quality analysis prior to being sold. In addition, street cannabis may be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or fertilisers which can adversely affect users’ health when ingested or smoked. 

In addition to the potential legal ramifications of growing cannabis, there are various safety and health risks associated with it as well. Street cannabis can have potentially toxic chemicals such as pesticides or fertilisers and since cannabis is often propagated through cuttings or clones from other plants, it can be difficult to identify any diseases or pest infestations that could affect the crop’s vitality or quality.

Medical Cannabis

In comparison, medical-grade cannabis is produced under highly regulated conditions in an effort to ensure safety and accuracy when it comes to dosage and cannabinoid content.

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Many reputable growers test their products for potency, contamination and terpene profiles prior to sale so that patients know what they are getting before consumption. Specific formulations of the medicine are also tailored with different ratios of THC to CBD. 

In conclusion, while both types of cannabis contain similar properties and active ingredients like THC and CBD, they differ significantly in terms of quality control standards, purity levels, dosage accuracy, contaminants risks as well as legal accessibility for users seeking out relief from various ailments or diseases. For this reason it is important for individuals considering using either form of cannabis to understand these differences before making any decisions related to their usage or acquisition. All MedReleaf Australia products follow good manufacturing practice (GMP) and conform with the TG0-93 standards, which means that our products are tested for quality and consistency. 

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